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Are you remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and looking for the perfect countertop edge style to make your space look #pinterestworthy? Well, we’re here to give you all the details, so you can find out what will look best in your home.

First, let’s talk about your options.

Photo provided by King’s Granite and Marble

Above are some images of different edge styles. These aren’t all of them, as there are endless choices depending on what decor you’re trying to achieve. As you can see, each can make a difference in the character of your kitchen or bathroom. A smooth, rounded edge can make for a more standard look, while a square, flat edge can add a modern touch. A more intricate edge, like the Ogee or Waterfall, can add elegance and tradition to the room.

While your countertop edge is a choice based on your personal style, you may want to consider the current trends. A square end is super popular right now, and it could add value to your home if you’re looking to sell anytime soon, since it’s the current preferred style.

Here are some tips for choosing the right edge…

1. Do you have kids in your home?

If so, a rounded edge may suit your needs, so your little ones don’t get hurt.

2. How thick is your countertop?

Make sure the edge you choose looks well with the thickness of the countertop stone. The thickness can have an impact on the effect of the edge.

3. Are you concerned with cleaning time?

Some edges can be easier to maintain than others. For instance, a simple flat edge doesn’t contain multiple crevices, like a waterfall edge, that can collect dirt and dust, making it much more difficult to keep clean.

So what kind of look are you going for?

Do you like the square edge in this home?

Or would you rather have a more traditional look like this one?

All things considered, when you’re finally making that decision to complete your latest kitchen or bathroom renovation, be yourself and stay true to your preferred decor. In other words… Be Edgy!

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