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So you want to get into real estate...

Over the last few years I’ve had easily over a hundred conversations with people about them wanting to get into real estate. 

I absolutely love having the conversation about jumpstarting a real estate career.  I particularly love it when they ask specifically about joining our team, and the icing on the cake for me is when these questions are coming from a former client.  It makes me think that we made this insane job look fun and desirable while we worked with them.  

It is 11:30pm and I know for a fact that Tara, Caroline, Sabrina , Andrea, Jackie, Amber, and Tiffany are all still up working on behalf of our clients right now, having all started our days at the crack of dawn.  (I know this because I can see the contracts, addenda, and listing agreements they are writing in DotLoop right this second. 💪🏼💃💃) This career absolutely is fun, especially in our ridiculous office of hilarious women.  

But for every fun moment, there are about a dozen not so fun, high pressure, high stakes, tight timeframes, hard deadlines, contract redlines, runaround city madness pull your hair out drink a bottle of wine, talk your client off a ledge while talking their lender off a ledge, race across town to deposit escrow checks while dropping off fresh flyers for a listing and exchanging a Supra for a lockbox because the realtor showing at 10:30 doesn’t have Supra (why?!) then racing to meet an inspector who is two hours late causing you to be late for the appraiser across town, so instead you’ll beg the listing agent to let one of our other MLRE agents show your buyers that fresh new amazing listing at 3pm instead of 4pm and push that 4pm showing at your listing to 4:15pm right as the seller calls to ask if you can pick up some glade plugins on your way because their cat puked, which is fine deep breath, just ask Alexis to take care of the escrow wire for tomorrow’s closing before the wire cutoff time OMG wait, WHAT DO YOU MEAN First Service Residential hasn’t approved these buyers yet?! type insanity moments. Also, “I’m late, I caught the bridge”. 😂😂😍🔥💃✅🏡🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 “It’ll be fun they said”... 😂😂 These girls make a day like today look like a walk in the park because they’re smart, passionate, and laser focused on getting our clients the perfect home, for the perfect price, in the perfect amount of time or slaying our clients’ home sale for maximum dollar in minimum time. 

They earn absolutely every single penny they make and then some.   So.... if you have been thinking about “getting into real estate”, ask yourself if you would be willing put your clients’ time before your own personal time. If you’re okay with sacrificing your evening work out to write a contract. If you can get up off the couch on Sundays and show property in the last minute. If you are willing to pay for a babysitter on a Thursday night so you can show your buyer a home that they may or may not even like. If the answer is no, then this is not the career for you. If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for? Let’s do this! You can start tomorrow by assembling our new IKEA staging furniture. #REALESTATIN’ 

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