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5 Ways a Savvy Realtor Will Save You Money on Your Jupiter Home Purchase

Whether the it's your first house or your fourth, buying a home can be an intense experience....and not to mention expensive. Having a savvy real estate professional representing you during the process can help you get the most bang for buck and let’s be honest who doesn’t want that ? (harmless plug; Meyer Lucas Real Estate is full of #realestatesavvy agents….holla if you hear us)

1. Get the Inside Scoop

It’s an agent’s job TO BE THE COMMUNITY meaning they eat, live, breathe everything about Jupiter. Who better to get the inside scoop from ? Most savvy realtors will know ahead of time listings that are about to hit the market. Pre-market sales can help you avoid a bidding war with other buyers and save you money. They also are knowledgeable on up-and-coming neighborhoods, that are more affordable and a great investment. A savvy agent’s localized knowledge can be a real gold mine in the end for a buyer.

2. Comps, Comps, Comps

Have you ever even heard of a “CMA”? If you are thinking yes of course….Country Music Association let us stop you right there and bring it back to the real estate world. “CMA” in real estate means Comparative Market Analysis. In short to a buyer it means saving you a whole lot of money on your home purchase and making a good investment. All houses are unique but savvy agents have the ability to pull accurate comps to help you price your offer with a true value. Let’s be honest, most times, especially For Sale By Owners, believe their home is worth more than the market suggests. Comps help ground the seller and present them with a more informed perspective of the market.

3. “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”

Time is money and scouring Zillow,, Redfin could be your entire day when looking for your perfect home in Jupiter and on the real…..ain’t nobody got time for that. A major value of a savvy agent is they can tremendously cut down on the time to find your dream home. Agents are constantly scouring the listings and even uncovering great listings that you won’t personally find online. Once your savvy agent has an idea of your wish list they can easily sort through and find listings that fit your desired #juphome.

4. Submit an Intriguing Offer

When selling a home money doesn’t always talk that’s why it is crucial to have a saavy agent who understands the motivations and emotions of the seller. The behind-scenes knowledge can help you create an attractive offer to the seller and add real value to your bottom line.

5. We’ve Got your Back

Many buyers think agents are only crucial during the home search process but we’re here to tell you the work doesn’t stop there. Your saavy agent will always have your best interest throughout the home buying process which can be key for mid-sale negotiations when inspections and appraisals start rolling in. Sometimes the house gods don’t always grant a buyer with a perfect inspection but a saavy realtor has got your back! Your realtor will be able to walk you through your options either asking the seller to make some repairs or even re-negotiate the sale price.

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