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Solar Panels: They are SO HOT Right Now

“GREEN is the New BLACK!”, “Go Green or Go Home!”, “It IS Easy Being Green!”

There are so many fun ways to declare our love for the “go green” movement that is sweeping the nation! We can’t get enough of energy efficient home features and “green homes” here at Meyer Lucas Real Estate, which is why we find the recent news of mandated solar panels on new homes from our southern neighbors in South Miami so exciting.

South Miami (not to be confused with the Miami.. South Miami is a small, quaint community (or “boutique community” if you’re feeling chic) near Coral Gables and bordering University of Miami) is setting the bar when it comes to green expectations by being the first city in Florida to require solar panels installed on all new construction homes! We have high hopes for this movement to continue to grow throughout the Sunshine State and our nation.

Not only do solar panels provide more efficient energy for homeowners, they also increases the value of homes. According to the Department of Energy, home buyers are willing to pay more for a home for sale that has rooftop solar panels than one without.

Simply put, going green is not only in the environment's favor but the homeowner’s as well.

Inspired by this recent news we are sharing 3 ways you can make your home more green.

1. Solar Panels - In the Sunshine state you can’t go wrong with investing in solar panels. One solar panel we are absolutely crazy about is the rooftop solar panel that heats your pool because let’s face it no floridian swims in any water that isn’t at a perfect 82 degree temperature.

2. LED Lights - LED lights can reduce energy consumption about 80-90% and last for 100,000 hours, not to mention they also light up faster than traditional bulbs. We are telling you, LED lights are the way to go! It time to start switching out your light bulbs.

3. Green Cleaning Products - Change out your current household cleaning products to green cleaning products. This switch is not only more environmentally friendly but your body will be thanking in you in the long run. Your current household cleaning products expose you to chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Here’s a tip when purchasing green cleaning products look for labels that describe the product as “plant based”.

Solar Panels Are Officially A Must-Have in South Miami and we are hoping our area is next!

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